Smarter Stretch Studio

Happy Hips

Who doesn’t love it when their hips feel nice and lose?

I thought so and that’s why we made this video for you. It’s a 7 minute routine that will leave your hips feeling magical.

Just make sure to follow the instructions though. Most people go way too hard with their stretching and you really don’t need to.

It actually reduces the effectiveness of a stretch.

Your hips aren’t tight due to bad luck, they are tight because your brain is holding them tight for a reason. So if you start trying to force these stretches you are going against your own nervous systems wishes. And that wouldn’t be a good idea would it?

That is also why the routine finishes with some activation in the form of a mobility drill. You increase your range with the stretches and re-connect your brain with the new ranges of motion.

Have fun.



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