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Happy Hips

Who doesn’t love it when their hips feel nice and lose? I thought so and that’s why we made this video for you. It’s a 7 minute routine that will leave your hips feeling magical. Just make sure to follow the instructions though. Most people go way too hard with their stretching and you really […]

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Feet & Ankle Mobility Warm Up For Running

In today’s article I am going to show you a 2-3 minute program that when done consistently will do more to protect you from running injuries that anything else I know… But not only that, it has the potential to improve your running efficiency too! Today I am going to show you how to properly […]

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The Truth About Gluten Free Eating

I am not celiac, but I choose to eat gluten free for health reasons. In case you don’t know my back-story, I was sick with chronic fatigue for over a decade. And during that time I suffered with severe energy problems, joint pain, depression and a whole bunch of other unpleasant symptoms. So to put […]

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Are You Making Your Back Worse With The Way You Are Stretching?

You dutifully stretch your hamstrings every day for 20 minutes…. You even signed up for a yoga class, because it is so important… After you finish stretching it feels great… But then you wake up the next day and your hamstrings are just as tight. What is even more annoying is that your back still […]

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