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Is Stress Stopping You From Losing Weight?

  Emma is a 36 year old lawyer. She used to be a high level athlete and played soccer for her university. As a former athlete Emma loves to train. She no longer plays soccer but instead goes to the gym and runs 10K races whenever she can fit them in around work. When Emma […]

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3 Belly Breathing Progressions To Help With Neck Pain

Practicing belly breathing is a great way to relax your central nervous system. This is an essential skill if you want to reduce neck pain.  

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Why Do I Get Tired In the Afternoon?

One of the most common questions I hear from my female clients is “why do I get tired in the afternoon?” Being tired in the afternoon is inconvenient to say the least. It can interfere with the end of your working day and it certainly doesn’t make life easy when the kids are finishing school! Do […]

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Train Away Your Pain

                      Do you want to reduce pain or get rid of an injury that has been bugging you for a while? If so, this could be one of the most important things you will ever read. First lets start with the bad news…….There is no scientific […]

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