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How long have you had your back or neck pain for?

Probably a long time… Right?

Back pain ranges from just being annoying to ruining your life and making you dependent on dangerous medications…
So whatever category you fall into, the chances are you already tried to get rid of it…
You have probably already tried chiro, physio and massage...
It probably felt better for a few days…
But, the pain came back and in the end it got too expensive to keep going, so now you have just resigned yourself to the fact it will always be there...
I want you to know that it is ok that the treatments didn’t work..

They never actually stood a chance, so don’t give up hope just because you haven’t become pain free yet..
There are 2 real causes of back pain, and manual therapy doesn’t deal with either of them...

lee testamonial pic*I have had back pain for as long as I could remember, but I broke my back in an accident at work 8 years ago. After the accident the pain became unbearable. After spending thousands on chrio, massage,  physio and just about everything I could think, I had lost hope. I couldn’t even play with my kids anymore which made me depressed. Before I went to Smarter Stretch Studio I had hit rock bottom. I don’t know how the drills work, but they work! I experienced being pain free after my first session and have stayed pain free ever since. I do the drills twice a day for 10 minutes. Its a small sacrifice for the quality of life it gives me. I wish they were around years ago, it would have saved me a fortune  – Lee – North Vancouver

Human brain

Using our unique system we can show you how to make your back feel great all the time. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in. Because we address the 2 root cause of back pain, it will always work.

The two root causes of back pain are poor movement and inflammation. The normal methods that people use to try and get rid of their pain, only address one of these two issues..

And if we are truly honest, they don’t address it propperly. When you have some type f treatment, the therapist is doing something to you…

Your body doesn’t learn from it, and there is no adaption that takes place, which is why you become reliant on the treatment for relief..

If you want to be pain free you need to learn to move your body propperly. You need to stretch and mobilize your body each day. Because that is what your body was designed to do..

Movement is fundamental to life…

And when your body doesn’t or can’t move propperly your brain creates pain to warn you and tell you to move more…

The only way to address this is to learn the right way to stretch and mobilize your body each day…

If you want to be more flexible and for your back to feel good all the time click the button below to book a FREE session.

*I had been off work for nearly a year with debilitating back pain. Before I went to Smarter Stretch Studio I was taking a number of different medications to cope with the pain. I had tried everything you could imagine to get rid of it. Acupuncture, massage, chiro, physiotherapy. You name it I had tried it. I read about Smarter Stretch Studio on Facebook and it sounded different, so I though I would give it a try. During my first session Richard made me wear a pair of red glasses which seemed to relax me. He also showed we how to do some movement drills, which made the pain go away. I went home and practice the drills throughout the day. Within a couple of weeks I was able to return to work. I love having the tools to get rid of my own pain. – Jackie – North Vancouver

the human body by X-rays. intestine highlighted in red.

The second cause of back pain is inflammation. The fact that no one addresses inflammation is a big reason that back pain is an epidemic that costs society billions each year!

Inflammation is a natural process where your immune system removes unwanted things like dead cells or bacteria from your body. But when it becomes chronic it causes disease and PAIN!!

When you roll your ankle and it swells up, the swelling is inflammation. And as you know, when something is swollen and inflamed it hurts to touch and to move..

This is designed to stop you moving it, to allow healing to take place…

Inflammation literally increases the sensitivity of your pain receptors, so you feel more pain…

Chronic inflammation means that the same thing that causes pain in a swollen ankle, is travelling around your body causing pain in other places..

This is one of the main reasons you feel so much pain in your back, neck and hips!

Your brain is using back pain trying to get your attention because it knows that inflammation causes serious diseases..

Life threaten diseases like cancer, dementia and auto-immune diseases are on the rise…

Your brain wants you to take action to deal with the inflammation before its too late..

This is why back pain is so hard to get rid of, because it is a warning sign for something more important..

Instead of having massage each week, what your brain wants you to do is to deal with the inflammation!

And you can be sure that you will never become completely pain free unless you deal with this issue…

You will be able to get temporary relief, but the pain will move around your body..

If you don’t think it applies to you… Check out the following list is symptoms… If you have any of the following, you have chronic inflammation!

  • Sleep problems
  • Can’t get to sleep
  • Wake up to go to the bathroom in the night
  • Still feel tired in the morning
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Acid reflux
  • Brain fog
  • Low energy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Hormonal problems

If you don’t have any of these symptoms, and other than back pain your health is totally perfect, then you just need to deal with your movement…

For everyone else all those things that you thought were a normal part of aging, are really other warning signs that your body has been giving you..

Unfortunately due to the way the health care system works, there is a different type of provider for each type of problem..

You have been taught that each thing needs to be dealt with separately, when the reality is the whole whole body works together..

At Smarter Stretch Studio, we teach you how to stretch and mobilize your joints, so that you can move better…

But we also teach you how to deal with inflammation, which is why we are confident we can help you with your back pain, neck pain or other chronic pain..

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*Results may vary