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Are You Making Your Back Worse With The Way You Are Stretching?

You dutifully stretch your hamstrings every day for 20 minutes….

You even signed up for a yoga class, because it is so important…

After you finish stretching it feels great…

But then you wake up the next day and your hamstrings are just as tight.

What is even more annoying is that your back still hurts. After all, the reason you were doing all this stretching was because you had been told that your tight hamstrings were the cause of your back pain.

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry, you are not alone.

Actually this used to be me. I used to spend an hour at a time stretching and foam rolling to try and get rid of my back pain. Sadly it never worked. I stayed in pain until I learnt more about how the brain controls pain.

Now instead of cranking on stretches I focus on improving signalling back to my brain and live a pain free life. In the video below we are going to explain why stretching your hips might be making your back worse.

And we are also going to talk about the hip range of motion that research tells us is important for a pain free back. And at the end of the video we are going to teach you two simple drills you can use to work on it. (The video takes about 8 minutes, so for those in hurray we have summarized the main points below the video).

Check out the video below.

Video Summary

  • Your brain controls everything in your body including if muscles are tight and if you feel pain.
  • If your have tight hamstrings or hip flexors, your brain did it for a reason.
  • The reason is always to try to protect you.
  • If you force a stretch you might be removing a safety mechanism your brain wants in place.
  • Instead of forcing stretches that won’t improve back pain, save time by working on improving signalling.
  • Research does not show that tight hamstrings or hip flexors cause back pain.
  • Research does link hip internal rotation with back pain.
  • Kneeling hip internal rotator stretch is at 4 min 20 secs.
  • Standing hip internal rotator drill is at 6 min 2 secs.
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